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    Gossen Sixtomat F2 Photographic Light Meter


    Outstanding diversity and high performance [Engineered and manufactured in Germany]

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    Gossen Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH exists since 1923; All Light meters are Designed and Manufactured in Germany

    It is a well know fact that the light meters in our cameras are pretty good. It gives us excellent exposures most of the time. But if you're a professional photographer, that will not be good enough. For starters, you can't measure Flashguns or Strobe lights with your camera's built in meter. You have to use trial and error to work your way to a proper exposure. Shoot, adjust. Shoot, adjust. Shoot, adjust, you know what we mean?. A handheld light meter provides precision. It allows you to see the exposure at the exact location the light is falling. A meter is precise, and having this luxury of precise leads to easily be able to repeat what you already know.You measure your lights, you take your shots, and you adjust to get the creative results you want. That's professional control. That's light mastery.

    The SIXTOMAT F2 is the ideal standard tool for demanding amateurs with their own studio flash kits, lighting specialists and filmmakers. The included technology and features are high quality, and operation is clear-cut and easy to understand. The universal SIXTOMAT F2 is laid out for use in the studio, as well as outdoors. It makes quick work of incident and reflected light measurements for flash and ambient light, displays mixed lighting conditions as well as required multiple flashes, and performs contrast measurements. The calculated exposure values can be displayed either in full, 1/2 or 1/3 increments. It masters all common lighting situations for analog and digital photography, as well as filmmaking, with outstanding precision and time-tested quality.

    Gossen Sixtomat Exposure Meter

    Simple CINE Meter for Filmmakers

    Film speed is specified in the CINE mode. An open aperture angle which deviates from 180° can be taken into account by calculating and entering the filter factor as a correction value (COR). After measurement has been completed, the f-stop value is displayed digitally in 1/10 increments and appears additionally at the analog f-stop scale rounded off to 1/2 increments. The photographer is thus provided with basic data for a correctly exposed image.

    Ergonomic Design

    The SIXTOMAT F2 is laid out for convenient one-hand operation. Operation is simple and intuitive with just a few keys. The high-contrast LCD panel is highly legible and displays values in a clear-cut fashion. Its compact, but nevertheless rugged design, ensures that the exposure meter fits into the user’s hand perfectly and accompanies the photographer through all of his tasks as an indispensable tool.


    • Ambient light measurement
    • Incidence and reflected light measurement with adjustable measured value display in full, 1/2 or 1/3 increments
    • Wide measuring range – f-stop from 1.0 to 90, exposure time from 1/8000 s to 60 minutes
    • Precise measurement and display – repetition accuracy of ± 0.1 EV, measured value display in 1/10 increments
    • Flexible ambient light measurement – aperture or shutter priority pre-selection as well as exposure value display
    • Easy subject contrast control – analog contrast display in half f-stop values
    • Individualized adaptation – entry or measurement within a range of ± 7.9 EV correction values in 1/10 increments
    • Comprehensive flash measurement – flash exposure measurement (cord and non-cord) with adjustable synchronization speed up to 1/1000 s, display of ambient light ratio and multiple flash calculation
    • Ambient light ratio display
    • Calculation of multiple flashes
    • Spherical diffusor (photography)
    • Flat diffusor (reproductions and lighting technology)
    • Approximately 25 degree angle of acceptance for reflected light measurement
    • Ambient light measuring range of EV -2.5 to 18 at ISO 100/21°
    • ISO sensitivity from 3.2 to 8000 in 1/3 increments
    • Timer range from 1 second through to 30 minutes
    • Clock and alarm function with an accuracy of 5 minutes per year
    • Thermometer with °C or °F selection and measuring range of 15 °C to 70 °C or 5°F to 160 °F; accuracy of ± 2 °C or ± 4 °F
    • Batteries: 2 X 1.5 V type AA
    • Included Accessories: Case, carrying strap, battery and operating instructions

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