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    New Generation WB Card


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    Designed by a German designer. The CA-WB1012 is a high quality white balance card made of special optical materials. Whilst your camera is switched to manual focus mode, you only need to place the WB card snugly in front of the lens and it instantly blurs all light sources which helps the camera to detect correct white balances for the current environment. The white balance card is an ideal partner for digital photography and video recording.

    The CA-WB1012 accurately restores true colours of a photo when the auto White Balance of a camera fails to perform its duties under abnormal lighting conditions.

    Easy handling is ensured through its handy design. This is one of the best tools to have in your camera bag to ensure you achieve correct light temperature. It is light, weighs less than 40 grams, dimensions are approximately 120mm X 100mm, so it is very compact and comes with a durable canvas protective bag.



    1. Place your subject in the required position, take a picture with appropriate exposure to facilitate the setting of custom White Balance.
    2. Place the CA-WB1012 snugly in front of he lens, set the lens to manual focus(MF) since it will not be able to focus with this type of White Balance Card, so you will not be able to take a picture.
    3. Press and hold the shutter button to take a picture.
    4. White Balance can now be set in your Canon EOS Camera; navigate to your WB menu and select "Custom White Balance" Press "SET", the picture taken with the White Balance card in front of the lens will appear, press "SET" again to set custom White Balance.
    5. Press "MENU" to exit white balance setting. Press "WB" to complete Custom White Balance Setting; Now you can enjoy photos withe exact correct temperature.


    1. Place your subject in the required position Take a picture with appropriate exposure to facilitate the setting of custom White Balance.
    2. In shooting mode, press and hold "WB". Simultaneously, set "WB" to "PRE" status by adjusting the knob to the right. Hold "WB" for 3 seconds until "PRE" status starts blinking.
    3. As it blinks, focus on the White Balance Card and press the shutter release button. If white balance is set, the word "Good" appears on the LCD screen.
    Note: If the shutter fails to release, please set you lens and/or camera to manual focus.

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