Strobist2 CA7 Flash Gun Light Modification Accessory Kit


Speedlite Accessories to bring about light Modification

Bend me, shape me, flash light modifiers in recent years have become increasingly more sophisticated and flexible

Bend me, shape me The Flash gun accessories kit Strobist 2 is the perfect starting point to work with a flash gun. The Flash gun accessories kit Strobist 2 comes with 7 different accessories that will allow you to get the most out of your flash. Adapt the different accessories to your flash en discover all the light effects you need. Creativity will have no limits, whether you're working in a studio or outdoors. The accessories need an adapter to be able to fix them on the flash. Please take a look at the compatibilities below to see which Flashguns work with Strobist 2 CA7.

  • Canon 580EXII 580EX 550EX
  • Nikon SB24 SB25 SB26
  • Gloxy 328AF 828DFE
  • Nissin Di622 Di866
  • Bower SFD35
  • Falconeys SB24F
  • Cosmos D728AF DF328AF2 D35A
  • Olympus G40 FL40 FL50 FL50R
  • Panasonic DMW-FL500
  • Phoenix DZBIS-112CII
  • Sigma EF430
  • Sony F32X HVL-F58AM
  • Sunpax 444D
  • Vivitar DR3402

Product details:

  1. A complete and extensive set for a range of different applications
  2. Barn doors avoid reflections and help to get a better light distribution
  3. Soft box to soften and even the light out
  4. Globe diffuser in order to avoid reflections when shooting reflective objects
  5. Reflector or mini beauty dish for the soft light effect, perfect for close up shots
  6. Honeycomb for precise and direct light output
  7. Snoot to create a spot effect
  8. Set of 6 colour masks to use with the soft box
Flashgun light modification Kits
The Flash gun accessories kit Strobist 2-CA7 consists of 7 accessories that will get the most out of your flash. Place the different accessories on the flasgun/speedlite and discover all the light effects you never knew were possible with a normal flash gun. Flash and Camera are not included
Flashgun light modification Kit kit softbox color

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