Set of 2 Gloxy GX-625C TTL Flash Triggers for Canon


Set of 2 Gloxy GX-625C Flash Triggers for Canon DSLR's

These flash triggers support Gloxy flash shoes as well as Canon cameras and Canon speedlites/flashes. They work as a transmitter and receiver. HSS (High Speed Synch) and TTL (through the lens) abilities are incorporated. It is possible to control the flash with your DSLR or Camcorder at a distance of up to 100m. In the event that you only have an external flash you need to employ two triggers to separate the camera flash. You then only need to add a trigger to the extra flash you want to use.

TTL Trigger for Canon
Two Gloxy GX-625C Flash Triggers Canon for Gloxy flash shoes. How many times have you thought how good it would be to have a separate flash for the camera? Improve the lighting within photos by adding a couple of triggers to your equipment so you can use the flash at a distance from the camera. By doing this, you can illuminate a subject from behind while the picture is taken from the front or you could use coloured gels to create diverse coloured effects.

Product features:

  • The Gloxy GX-625C Flash Triggers Canon are compatible with Canon cameras and flashes and Gloxy flashes.
  • If you only have an external flash on your camera you can add two triggers. Then you just have to use a trigger for every extra flash you wish to use.
  • HSS and TTL sync function.
  • Both units can be used both as a transmitter and receiver.
  • You can control the flash shoe up to 100m from your camera.
  • Creates new lighting schemes that were previously impossible.
  • Ideal for outdoor and night photography.
  • Provides a sync speed up to 1/8000s.
  • Features 7 available wireless channels and 3 - A / B / C settings groups.
Remote Trigger Studio setup
Now you can position the flash sideways toward the subject, or further away to soften the effect, include a softbox ... and the possibilities are endless..

Detailed Technical Specifications

Manufacturer referenceGX-625Cx2
Compatible productsGloxy Flashes
Maximum range100 m
Number of channels7
Synchronization speed 1/8000s
Power supply type2 X AA
Maximum duration (hours)60 (in standby mode)
Compatible BrandCanon

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