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    Gloxy Nikon Speedlite Studio Kit complete with Triggers and Softbox


    Complete Gloxy Speedlite Studio Kit

    Explore your creative side with this Speedlite Studio kit that potentially offers what any professional studio kit may offer

    There are many advantages for using speedlites in a studio environment compared to the big and bulky and very expensive traditional studio lights:

    Studio lights overcome much of the above, and offer expand-ability and versatility too, but are NOT portable and has no automatic TTL. Any manual flash system allows good precise control, but the downside is that it is very manual. Can even be tedious, but an electronic light/exposure meter makes it be fast and easy. However, this is also the strong plus which appeals to many people.

    A comparative summary appears below:

    Automatic TTL operation Many/Most None
    Portability High Low
    Ability to Follow Fast Action Very High with TTL automation Very Low
    Power Capability Low High
    Recycle Time Slow Fast
    Duty Cycle - Repetitive flashing Low High
    System Expandability Low if no manual flash High
    System Versatility (Modifiers) High High
    White Balance Blue at low power Red at low power

    Complete, consisting of:

    • Two High Quality 225cm Aluminum Stands
    • Two 50cm X 50 cm Soft Boxes
    • Three Gloxy GX TTL Remote Triggers, one for on Camera and one for each of the speedlites, these will unlock all the speedlite controls that exists in your camera
    • Two translucent White Umbrellas
    • Two Brackets for aligning flashguns with Soft boxes
    • Two Gloxy TR985N TTL Flashguns for Nikon
    • One Carry-bag to transport equipment easily from venue to venue
    Speedlite Studio Kit

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