Carbon Fiber Tripod; 4 Leg Sections; 25kg Capacity - 35850


Precision engineered heavy duty professional carbon fiber tripod

Jenova carbon fiber tripod legs are core in our range to ensure light-weight and stability. Dedication and continuous innovation make these carbon fiber tripods the most reliable companion for all image professionals looking for the very best camera and cam-coder stability.

Very few pieces of equipment will do as much to improve your photography or film-making as using a quality, sturdy and well built tripod. Thanks to the sturdy support and easy to use camera mount and ball head, frame your subject and obtain blur-free, clear and sharp images.

Create extraordinary effects with these appealing tripods that would be impossible to achieve without a solid tripod, such as long exposures, multi-shots, focus stacking, panorama stitching, bracketing, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and much more. The advantages of our tripods are also its extreme versatility, which gives you the freedom of setting up for any situation, wherever your instincts take you. Our tripods are versatile and compatible with all types of cameras and cam-coders and satisfies any kind of photographic genre requirements. We cover a wide range of carbon fiber tripods that ranges from small, lightweight travel tripods to extremely compact for Compact System Cameras (CSC), or small DSLRs.


  • Material: 100% carbon fiber tubes (8 multi-layer carbon technology)
  • Precision engineering; best in it's class for value
  • Number of leg Sections: 4
  • Bubble level on shoulder
  • Excellent flexibility to set up for Macro shots due to 180 degree movement of legs
  • Karabina with strap attached to camera mounting plate
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Maximum leg diameter: 28mm
  • Minimum leg diameter: 19 mm
  • Minimum height:250mm
  • Normal height: 1 395 mm
  • Maximum height: 1 650mm
  • Folded height: 645 mm
  • 180 degree folded height: 470 mm
  • Weight: 1,84 kg
  • Capacity: 25 kg
  • Symmetrical camera mount; fits onto ball head either way!!
  • Patented camera bag hook for additional stability
  • Quick conversion to Mono-pod
  • Mono-pod maximum Height: 1 690 mm
  • Mono-pod minimum Height: 855 mm
  • Color: Blue/RED/Green
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free high quality padded carry bag with shoulder sling
professional tri-pod

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What our customers say...

Ordered this tripod on Sunday 22 May - Delivered to me in Amanzimtoti on Tuesday 24th may - First class service! Tripod is really nice, well made, solid and very versatile. Using with my Nikon D5500 and Tamron 15-600 lens is a dream. Ball head is smooth and locks easily. Camera mounting plate is solid . I am very happy.

Rated by Dennis ANDREWS