Shanny 60GN Master/Slave Speedlight SN910+ for Nikon


Nikon 60 Guide Number(GN) ETTL SN910+ Speedlight by Shanny

SN910+ model from Shanny has on and off camera iTTL. This flash is one of a few Nikon compatible flashes available with full ETTL, optical master and slave as well as High Speed Synchronisation.

All of the Shanny Speedlight models for Nikon models have a Guide Number(GN) of 60 (meters), they are built with the exact same body and appearance plus the majority of the features and functionality are the same. The differences between the models are essentially a few functions and features which will satisfy different needs of photographers. Whereas some photographers may argue that certain models do not have a master function, this was the intention from Shanny do have different functionality but all have a strong GN at pricing that suits every photographers needs and pocket

The SN910+ has all the functions of the SN600N but added is OPTICAL PULSE MASTER and SLAVE functions that are 100% compatible with the Nikon Commander SystemPutting it almost on par with the Nikon SB 900.

The SN910+ is an advanced flash from Shanny with a price tag of just above R 3 000.00. This includes shipping, pouch, free pack of batteries, diffusor, of camera stand and gift packaging. Must be a serious contender for best value for money for a Nikon 60 GN Speedlite with MASTER and SLAVE.

The SN910+ provides excellent value for money taking into consideration the advanced features that are available. Further, it has full functions and controls available when used off camera with compatible radio triggers

Guide Number (GN)60 metres (ISO=100; Zoom=200)
Operating ModesETTL, Manual and Multi (Strobe)
Master/Slave ModesMaster and Slave Modes for Nikon Optical Wireless system, S1 and S2
High Speed Synchronization (HSS)up to 1/8000 sec
Zoom Range 20-200mm; 14mm with wide angle diffusor
Synchronisation modeHSS, 1st & 2nd Curtain Synch
Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)1/3 Increments (3 stops)
Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB)Supported
Manual Flash1/128 - 1/1 (1/3 increments)
Modelling FlashSupported
Stroboscopic Flash1-199Hz
Full Power Re-Cycle Time+- 1,8 Seconds
Optical Tx DistanceUp to 20 Metres
Flash GroupsA, B and C
Bounce Swivel Angles360 degrees swivel & tilt with lock
External battery portYes, Nikon compatible
PC Synchronization PortYes
USB upgrade portYes
Over Heating ProtectionYes
Sound PromptYes
Number of Flash Operations400+ at full power with fully charged 2500 mAh Hahnel batteries
CompatibilityNikon D3, D810, D800, D800E, D700, D750, D610, D600, D300s, D300, D200, D7100, D7000, D90, D80, D5300, D5200, D5100, D5000, D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300
Not CompatibleUnknown

Custom functions (Cfn=10)

  • 1 Auto Power Off
  • 2 Modelling Flash Options - available in camera menu
  • 3 FEB Auto Cancel
  • 4 FEB Sequence
  • 6 Quick Flash with Continuous Shot - available in camera menu
  • 8 AF Assist Beam Firing
  • 9 Auto Zoom for Sensor Size
  • 10 Slave Auto Power Off Timer
  • 20 Sound ON / OFF
  • 22 LCD Light – 12 seconds / ON / OFF

Included in the Package

  • Shanny Speedlite for Nikon SN910+
  • Diffusor
  • Of Camera Stand
  • Durable Pouch
  • Warranty Card
  • Gift Packaging
  • User Manual

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